Unique hand-made decorative items and accessories from natural driftwood. Driftwood Lamps and Driftwood Mirrors sculptured by nature and handcrafted by Greek artist Nikos bringing a sense of natural harmony into your home environment.
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The Creations

Unique hand-made decorative items and accessories from natural driftwood


NIKOS is a designer inspired by the beauty of nature.
He studied Design and Graphic Arts in Athens, Greece
and Industrial Design in Toronto, Canada.


Click here for Nikos’ interview in online magazine kourdistoportokali.com


Works of art sculptured by nature and handcrafted by Nikos bringing a sense of natural harmony into your home environment.

The Sea Wood collection consists of unique art pieces created by the Earth, Wind, Sea and Time. Comprised of roots and branches from trees, washed out to remote and secluded beaches of the Aegean coastline.

These precious and unique treasures found on wet sand and rocks on the shoreline during my pensive winter walks became a source of inspiration and labour of love.

Each carefully selected piece of driftwood is cleaned using ecological materials. Then, it is paired with a solid beech or walnut wood piece, before it is coated with natural plant-based dyes and inks. After some laborious work and much patience, these exquisite pieces of art are created.

The light creations are complemented with lampshades made of coarse burlap material, along with fabric-coated electrical cable and brass or bakelite lighting units, all blended into an aesthetically simple composition designed to blend into the surroundings.

How you can order

You may place an order by sending an email at info@seawoodlight.eu. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss transaction details.


Costs associated with delivery of an item are additional to the price quoted on the website. We will inform you of delivery cost, depending on the country of destination, prior to dispatching an item to you.

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